Zodiacs Who Take Breakups Personally

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1. Cancer

Cancers are sensitive. They blame themselves for everything. They are kind to others but not to themselves.


After a breakup, they replay every interaction, wondering what went wrong and what they could have done better.


Cancers are fantastic to have around during a breakup because they remind you that you're worthy.

2. Pisces

Pisces often idolize their relationships, so they miss red flags that others see.


Because they think the other person is ideal, they can't see a breakup being their fault. So they blame themselves.


They think they ruined everything. They think they're not worth dating because they're horrible.

3. Taurus

Breakups "affirm" Taurus' pessimism and self-consciousness. They'll think a split means they'll be alone forever.


After all, first-time love is unusual. Everyone hurts. Everybody hurts. It matters if you recover and love again.

4. Virgo

Breakups can confuse logical Virgos. It may question their partnerworthiness.


This symbol overthinks. They will try to explain the breakup. You may never learn why this person left.


Sometimes closure is impossible. Virgos cannot stand uncertainty. It will make them doubt their guilt.

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