Zodiacs Who Have Been Crying A Lot 

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When it comes to bad feelings, Aries, rage is the one with which you are most familiar.

1. Aries

You'll be able to heal from this release. You can get through this difficult time with the support of this.


As a Libra, you do your best to see the bright side of things because you know there is always something to be grateful for.

2. Libra

You're doing the right thing by being straightforward with yourself.


You, Pisces, cry constantly for the sake of others but rarely cry for yourself. 

3. Pisces

As a result of your own personal misfortunes. However, you've been unusually introspective this past week.


Always keep in mind that there are positive uses for tears. It may come as a relief.

4. Leo

You've been crying quite a bit lately, seemingly about both current events and things from your past.


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