Zodiacs Who Hate Having Crushes

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Capricorns are sensible. You follow intellect rather than emotion. 

1. Capricorn

You're fine with being single since it's easier to worry about oneself than someone else.


Your pessimism comes from wanting to be ready for the world to collapse.

2. Scorpio

You don't like new crushes because you can't imagine anyone like you or treating you well.


Aquarius, you work hard to meet deadlines. Crushes are just a distraction from your great aspirations.

3. Aquarius

This guy will preoccupy you. You'll stop caring about other things. Not what you desire.


Crushes frustrate you, Aries, because you pretend not to care. 

4. Aries

Crushes prevent you from being indifferent. You get romantic.


Taurus, you fear heartbreak and dislike new crushes. 

5. Taurus

Alone is simpler. It's simpler without someone to please.


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