Zodiacs Who Expect Affection In Relationships

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Leos seek full attention. They desire constant praise and congratulations.

1. Leo

Leos are sceptical if you don't publicly declare your devotion. They desire a companion who is proud of them.


Cancers need constant reinforcement of your love. 

2. Cancer

Cancers panic if their partner doesn't show enough affection or the connection feels one-sided.


Pisces are delicate. They will hold your hand, kiss your forehead, or whisper lovely things into your ear to make others smile.

3. Pisces

This sign wants constant affection so they don't have to take the lead.


Sagittarius are honest and will say those three phrases and provide compliments anytime they think of them. 

4. Sagittarius

They're impetuous and can't resist kissing or hugging their lover. 


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