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The 4 Zodiacs Who Dream the Biggest


Leos keep dreaming of fame as an adult. Their dreams never die. They always shine at work, and among friends.

They never lose up faith that someone would notice their star qualities and give them their big break.


It seems unlikely that someone who will dispute about toilet paper placement has the highest aspirations.

A neat apartment hides homeownership dreams. Each spreadsheet harbors career ambitions.


Sagittarius craves exoticism. They want to know and be as far from home as possible.

They desire a broader perspective. They're jealous to see more of the globe as avid readers. Stories and photos are not enough.


Pisceans are the dreamiest zodiac sign. These coloured glasses add passion to every day.

Everything has symbolism, nostalgia, or sentimentality. Anything can become a fantasy when ordinary life means that much.

Pisces are imaginative. They invent conversations, acquaintances, and lifestyles.

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