Zodiacs Who Can't Stand Insulting Relationships

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When they treatment, Capricorns will endure much. They'll forgive shocking things.

1. Capricorn

They realize being hurt, furious, or drunk doesn't excuse disrespecting them.


Virgos comprehend interpersonal ups as well as downs. 

2. Virgo

They'll quit if someone disrespects them in public or private. They'll look for someone who respects them.


Leos will leave if you mistreat them. They know there are other possibilities and don't mind being alone.

3. Leo

They're self-sufficient. If you don't respect them, they'll respect themselves and run away.


Scorpios seek reasons to break up. Because they don't want their hearts broken, they're sensitive to partner disrespect. 

4. Scorpio

They won't tolerate this mistreatment. They'll leave immediately. 


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