Zodiacs Who Are Impressed By The Bare Minimum

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Cancer, you give so much that you never ask for anything in return.

Because you usually put forth more effort than your spouse, when someone performs the absolute least to impress you, it makes you feel unique.

This must change. Wait for a spouse that enjoys spoiling you as much as you like spoiling them.


As a pessimist, your expectations are low. You'll be thrilled if someone texts back quickly and keeps their word.

Don't expect heartbreak. You can expect for more despite being a pessimist. Despite your doubts, good people exist.


You love every bit of tenderness, yet it's not enough. Since you give 100% to every connection.

They should answer your texts and be loyal since you'll do anything for them. You should lower your self-expectations.

Like you, you should wait for someone who goes the additional mile. You don't need a relationship to be happy.


As a logical sign, you're impressed if someone doesn't do anything wrong on paper.

Especially after earlier partnerships. Love isn't about checking things off a list, and your list is quite basic.

You need someone who appreciates, loves, and hangs out with you, but you should aim higher.

Choose someone who supports your aspirations, appreciates you, and surprises you with romantic gestures.

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