Zodiacs Who Always Attract The Wrong People

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You're decisive and productive. Your energies attract passive people. Aries opposites attract can be bad for you.

You get folks who expect you to do everything. Carrying the connection can be exhausting.


You're sweet, emotional, and sensitive. Because everyone makes errors, you always give second chances.

All of this is fine and can benefit those who appreciate you. Regrettably, these features attract exploiters.

Some target you, so you wind up with awful people who treat you badly because they know you'll put up with it. It's sad that your kindness attracts predators.


You're the neatest. Hence, you've accepted that if you're in a relationship, you'll date someone less organized than you.

Because no one will be as structured as I am you may let more slide and end up with folks who barely perform the basic minimum.


People either travel or fantasize about it. You're the former, coming up with exciting ideas and implementing them quickly.

Regrettably, you attract folks who do nothing to fulfill their fantasies. You are their ideal.

They want to travel the world. Practically, no. In the beginning of dating, both sorts look alike.

It's easy to fall for a homebody who pins exotic destinations they'll never visit. When your date doesn't do much, break up.

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