Zodiacs Expect Relationship Spontaneity

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A predictable relationship will bore them. They require an unpredictable mate.

1. Aries

They must understand that stability and spontaneity can coexist. 


Geminis fear committing and regretting it. They don't want their partner to limit their growth. 

2. Gemini

They require a partner who can embark on spontaneous trips.


Leos desire a swoon. Their partners should surprise them with small things and big excursions. 

3. Leo

If their partner thinks about it, it doesn't matter how much they spend. If you try.


Sagittarius love freedom. When confined, they get restless. 

4. Sagittarius

Fun-loving partners are needed. Who won't expect the same from them daily.


Aquarius think independently. They want to enjoy their relationships because they're not used to them. 

5. Aquarius

They appreciate snuggling on the sofa and spending a peaceful night in with their lover, but not every date night. 


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