Zodiac Signs Won't Feel Summer Solstice Energies

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Scorpios are already busy. Scorpio's life will muffle this solstice's powers. 

1. Scorpio

If you're this sign, you might want to enjoy the fact that things won't move faster.


Solstices frequently change things for Leos, who are hard to please and demand things fast. 

2. Leo

This solstice will touch you little, but it won't push you to change.


You won't feel much because this solstice ends Gemini season. 

3. Gemini

Cancer season, in addition to this solstice, will be a rough ride for you.


As a Sagittarius, you change people as often as locales.

4. Sagittarius

Though you may experience energetic changes, this solstice won't give much. 


Solstice energies increase stress, but that's it.

5. Taurus

You'll feel stuck until this solstice passes, and you won't be able to change it. 


If the time opens up, you may realize what should be handled.

6. Aquarius

Keep your cool and everything will be OK. You’re fine.


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