Zodiac Signs With Survival Instinct

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Tauruses are stubborn and smart. Kids can find good distractions with their dexterous brain. 

1: Taurus

They need inspiration and help to adapt quickly.


Geminis can suffer emotionally without losing their minds.

2. Gemini

Something big must break them. They never show weakness and fight until the end.


They look delicate yet have a strong heart and brain.

3. Leo

Leos can handle any situation without support. They persevere and have a flexible mind.


Librans try to stay focused against all odds. They are brave soldiers.

4. Libra

Libras love their endurance and volunteer to save others.


Aquarian heroes confront their problems calmly. They never express their emotions.

5. Aquarius

If they're going through a tough time, they'll keep it to themselves.


They can handle any emergency thanks to their adaptive brain and kind heart.


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