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Zodiac Signs With A Green Thumb

1. Taurus 

Taurus, if you've ever wanted a garden of your own, take this as your astrological cue to get started. 


Taureans make excellent gardeners because they are "grounded and patient" (because earth is their element).


They have the understanding that beauty is the result of hard labor.

2. Cancer 

If you exhibit these characteristics, you may have a green thumb, says the expert.


These water-loving crabs care deeply about their plants.


Cancers are regarded as the supreme caregivers of the zodiac.

3. Virgo 

According to an expert, these are the indications of someone with a verdant thumb.


They'll find the greatest nourishment available for their green kids.


Virgos will spend hours researching the finest plant species for their soil and environment and establish a program to water

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