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Zodiac Signs Whose Ex Wants Them Back


Even though you haven't heard from the individual, word travels fast and the prospect of getting back with that ex makes your skin crawl.

Moon square Saturn puts you on defense. Saturn energy makes you struggle or flee from this ex, and you will never get back together.

You've moved on and aren't impressed by your ex's obsession.

You have a life, and this individual represents the terrible history you want to forget.


Why your ex would want to return after you made it clear you don't care baffles you.

During Moon square Saturn, though, you'll be reminded that this person has low self-esteem and that they enjoy being mistreated, as if they believe they deserve it.

This isn't love, and whatever it was before, it's definitely changed into something you don't want any part of.

Your pals are sending you messages about this ex, none of which you want to hear.


Your ex wants you back, and if they don't, they'll shame you.

They are spreading reports that you are in contact and planning a reunion, which you are not and never will be.

You don't like having your story rewritten, and this ex's attempts will only reveal how foolish they are.

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