Zodiac Signs That Don't Fight In Relationships

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The independent Aquarius won't fight their lover. Despite their disagreements, they keep their relationships cordial.

1. Aquarius

They may get annoyed with you like everyone else, but in the end, they will make it a joke.


Libras symbolize peace, equilibrium, and balance. 

2. Libra

They normally maintain peace. They prefer dispute resolution than instigation.


Capricorns may be tense, but they avoid conflict.

3. Capricorn

They either fix it or move on. No middle.


Because they hate negativity, Virgo hates conflict-based communication. 

4. Virgo

They're sensible and don't exhibit their emotions.


Pisces is emotional but dislikes fighting with their lover. 

5. Pisces

They may get cynical, but they will settle the dispute and go on.


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