Zodiac Signs That Can Read Your Energy

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Taurus can sense others' emotions and detect cold feet. 

1. Taurus

Tauruses are so reactive that others strive to hide things from them. But their efforts usually fail.


Cancers can sense when someone has altered their mind or is trying to utilize them. 

2. Cancer

They're exhausted and moody. After all, you're who you hang out with.


You can't lie to a Gemini. Geminis are great communicators because they can see things others can't. 

3. Gemini

The Gemini understands how to make somebody feel at home and can read their thinking.


The Virgo can smell BS from a mile away. They're patient and let the negative individual speak before shutting it down. 

4. Virgo

While this sign understands their support is often unappreciated, they try to keep the attitude right. 


Leos sense change. Leos will notice if a good mood shifts. 

5. Leo

Leos can detect when someone has been injured and will go out of their way to set.


Scorpios see through walls. They can detect fakery quickly. 

6. Scorpio

Their perceptive side forces them to move on. Sagittarians are flighty because of this.

7. Sagittarius

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