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Zodiac Signs Most Romantic With Cancer

1. Virgo

As a Cancer, you would have a decent chance of getting along with a Virgo. 


Therefore, this would preclude any potential imbalances in terms of effort and commitment.

2. Cancer

Surprise! You would do exceptionally well with another Cancer.


You would never cease seeking greater mutual understanding.

3. Taurus

You and a sign like Taurus would be extremely organized and astute in your financial management.


In terms of your finances, you and your partner would form a very stable couple.

4. Scorpio

A Scorpio can be a very assured and possessive partner.


You would enjoy lavishing all of your love and affection on the Scorpio. 

5. Pisces

A Pisces and Cancer union is nearly a marriage created in paradise.


You could always attempt to contribute to the success of the relationship.

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