Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Fall For You

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Gemini isn't readily smitten by beauty. Mercury-ruled signs need lively communication.

They're naturally flirts and social butterflies who date believing there's plenty of fish in the sea.

People don't fall easy, but they do with intellectually interesting people. They're always curious and involved in lengthy discussions.

They'll be all-in if they meet someone who can playfully keep them on their toes, even from across the wall.


Cancers are sensitive, compassionate, and near-psychic. They're shy because they feel strongly.

Cancers are naturally loving and develop emotional bonds through comforting and healing others.

Cancers cry over sob stories as much as reality TV producers. If they don't have a strong and deep emotional connection.


Pisces is the ultimate romantic and most inclined to believe in reality TV happily ever afters.

If they were a Love Is Blind competitor, they would fall in love immediately and get engaged after a few days.

After a few exchanges, a Pisces can decide they've found their soulmate on a dating app.

Pisces is sensitive and intuitive like Cancer. This water sign considers physical attractiveness a supplement to spiritual connection.

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