Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Be Virgo's Soulmates

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Virgos like Tauruses' stability. As earth signs, you have a slow-paced attitude to love.

Virgos tend to overthink and worry. "You'll form a fantastic team, and they'll be your much-needed soft, quiet, and compassionate haven in the world.

Both signs are patient and attentive, making them wonderful romantic partners.

 Venus-ruled Taurus will soften Virgo. Virgo naturally fits with Taurus.


Mercury rules Virgos, although they struggle to communicate their emotions.

You're sensitive, yet going emotional on someone makes you look imperfect, which you despise.

Together you can achieve a great love and fulfillment balance.” It's the kind of relationship that reveals a deeper affection.


You're both earth signs, therefore you have similar values and can solve most problems.

You're compatible since you don't mind your partner's job goals. When your companion works late, you're understanding.

Virgos and Capricorns will support and push each other to reach their goals.

They may even compete in a healthy way.” This relationship can work if you both grow.

Capricorn will seem perfect at first. You'll become best buddies over time. Earth signs aren't emotional.

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