Zodiac Signs Make Modern Dating Hard

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You're strong-headed. This can make you seem pushy and turn folks off.

1. Aries

You may play harder to get. This can attract your spouse, but it can also backfire.

2. Taurus

Their nemesis might make dating difficult for this sign. Themself. Overanalyzing can leave a Gemini stumped.

3. Gemini

Cancer wants a long-term partner. Not every person is ready for a family.

4. Cancer

This self-centered sign may struggle in modern dating. Their thirst for understanding drives it.

5. Leo

Virgos also find modern dating difficult. Though peaceful, you may be fighting internal fights.

6. Virgo

It became a chore rather than a pleasure. Maybe you're to blame.

7. Libra

You want a partner for life. Soulmates are scarce in modern dating.

8. Scorpio

You prefer to relax. You like natural beauty over phony folks.

9. Sagittarius

Capricorns also failed in modern dating. This symbol may be too traditional for modern living.

10. Capricorn

Smart, attractive, and self-assured. You won't fall for someone providing two dinners.

11. Aquarius

It's legal yet may deter some. You text your crush all day, making it too simple for them.

12. Pisces

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