Top 3 Zodiac Signs for Virtual Dating

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Tauruses love home dating. They'll be in their element right away, making for a comfortable date.

Taurus, an earth sign, wants to help others feel secure and comfortable.

Their sensuality enhances the romance. Taurus is direct and honest, which helps while conversing online.


Geminis' wit and charisma make them conversational pros.

They'll make up games, tell funny stories, and connect.

They won't rule out the date. Even online, Geminis can read the room. If you're cool, they'll relax too.


Pisces love romance, therefore they'll hunt for screen ways to express it.

After the call, you'll see them setting lamps and playing music, and they'll invite you to join them with a glass of wine.

They may even make you feel like you're on a date. Pisces might set a table for two and pretend you're there. They love cute and thoughtful.

Pisces' conversational skills are best on dates. As a sensitive and intuitive sign, they'll listen and get to know you.

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