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Zodiac Signs Determine Clothing Colors

1. Aries: Red

Aries wear off-white and yellow on Mondays. Red and pink on Tuesday.

2. Taurus: Green

Green symbolizes growth and money. Venus makes you love money and possessions, which green enables you embrace.

3. Gemini: Yellow

You value communication yet occasionally struggle to express yourself. So wear Glowing Yellow.

4. Cancer: White and Silver

Cancer is the best at romanticizing an outfit.

5. Leo: Gold

Gold enhances Leo's kindness and positivity. Gold has traditionally represented royalty and power. 

6. Virgo: Green and Brown

Virgos are realistic, pragmatic, and organized. Earth signs are perfectionists who practice to improve.

7. Libra: Pink and Blue

Libra, ruled by Venus, values relationships with people. Justice, honesty, and fairness are important to this Scales sign.

8. Scorpio: Black

Scorpios love black because Pluto rules the underworld. This water sign prefers to appear enigmatic and menacing. 

9. Sagittarius: Purple

Sagittarius is known for telling great stories, therefore clothes that do the same are winners. 

10. Capricorn: Brown and Grey

Capricorns are tolerant, industrious, forgiving, and strong. They are self-aware.

11. Aquarius: Sky Blue

Aquarians are creative and see the big picture. Because of this, blue can soothe Aquarius thinking.

12. Pisces: Light Green

Pisces' style changes daily, so their clothes must too. They may prefer sweats, sweaters, and no zippers for weeks. 

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