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Zodiac Sign's Biggest Relationship Fear

1. Aries

As an Aries, your biggest worry in a partnership is missing out on all you might be doing alone.

2. Taurus

Failure is your biggest relationship dread. But not just any treachery. Cheating dominates. 

3. Gemini

You dread abandonment. Geminis rarely get close to others. 

4. Cancer

You fear injury. That's your worst worry while dating.

5. Leo

You fear being vulnerable with someone. Leos should never appear weak to others.

6. Virgo

Rejection is your worst romantic fear. Virgos demand a lot from others. You reject people often. 

7. Libra

You fear being used. Libras are always delighted to make others happy.

8. Scorpio 

You fear falling in love and being disappointed. You've tried numerous times.

9. Sagittarius

You don't want to fully commit to someone and then realize you're not compatible.

10. Capricorn 

You are motivated and ambitious, and you are primarily concerned that your relationship .

11. Aquarius

You fear loving a poisonous person. You avoid poisonous people who might ruin your life. 

12. Pisces 

You fear being abused. You're a sweetheart. 

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