Best Book Genre For Zodiac Signs

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As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries loves activity and adventure. Aries readers love thrillers and page-turning short fiction.

Aries: Action adventure

Tauruses like cozy romances and rom-coms because they like happy endings. Taurus loves earthy comforts and sweet luxuries.

Taurus: Romance

Geminis appreciate fast-paced discourse, therefore plays and screenplays may be their ideal books.

Gemini: LGBTQ books

Cancers have deep emotions, thus zodiac sign books should nourish the body, mind, and soul.

Cancer: Women's fiction

Leos are fiery and confident. Young adult literature provide “the thrill of life” and “a great frolic that's expressive” for Leo, who loves being the hero.

Leo: YA fiction

Virgos are detail-oriented and will notice any errors in a book's typography and binding.

Virgo: Historical fiction

Libra loves legal dramas. Justice enters Libra. Because they cherish integrity and equality, the best biographies will inspire them too.

Libra: Biographies

Scorpio is fearless. Scorpios want to dig deep. “They can handle enormous sentiments.

Scorpio: Mystery

They're really curious and adore reading about others' experiences.

Sagittarius: Graphic novels

Capricorns are good at learning and like to read history textbooks to understand what happened.

Capricorn: Classic novels

Aquarius likes science fiction, especially social justice-themed works, because they like progressive cultures.

Aquarius: Science fiction

Pisces likes legendary retellings and stories with imagination and lore.

Pisces: Fantasy

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