Zodiac Sign Is the Biggest Homebody

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They flourish when they are taking care of others. 

1. Cancer

They consider their homes to be their sacred locations, thus they spend a lot of time there.


However, like Virgo, Pisces needs time to themselves to recharge.

2. Pisces

Since this water sign is so emotionally attuned, being around a large group of people can be exhausting. 


Individualism characterizes the Aquarian mind.

3. Aquarius

Sometimes Aquarians will go out, but like Virgos, they'll require a long break afterwards. 


Being a Virgo may be stressful because of the sign's tendency toward perfection. 

4. Virgo

They'll see the dirt and grime in your home, but they're used to it.


They won't think twice about going to a museum or a concert by themselves.

5. Aries

Aries avoids uncertain public spaces in search of a judgment-free zone where they can feel powerful.


Despite their reputation as intrepid explorers, Sags actually prefer to be left alone.

6. Sagittarius

She says that since they have a tendency to overthink things, this arrangement puts them in charge.


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