Zodiac Sign for Your Soft Side

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Libras are gentle. They are one of the nicest, gentlest zodiac signs, and dating them will make you vulnerable and transparent. 

1. Libra

Libras will help you see the positive in people and the world before focusing on the bad. 


They care passionately and will help you express your emotions.

2. Pisces

They'll remind you to cry and express your feelings. They will never make you lie. 


Taurus hate disrespect. They'll leave if you mistreat them. 

3. Taurus

They'll encourage your passionate and sensitive sides. Feelings are okay.


Cancers would be willing to do anything for your happiness and safety. 

4. Cancer

Their kindness will encourage you. If you criticize yourself, they'll stop you and give you a pep talk.


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