Zodiac Sign First Date Advice

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Take your date to a game or dance instead of supper. Ask their interests and plan something new. 

1. Aries

You know you don't work hard. First-date flowers and champagne are ideal. Be yourself and enjoy yourself.

2. Taurus

You can handle anything and keep things entertaining. Make a list with questions you want to ask and you're set.

3. Gemini

Your mood swings might ruin everything, but just show them your kind and loving side. 

4. Cancer

Talk about your date instead of yourself to give them your whole attention.

5. Leo

You don't want others to know. Keep the worst part buried and tell them about all the fantastic ideas you had while preparing this date. 

6. Virgo

Libra has everything. Your politeness and beauty will handle everything. You may show them your moves at a dance party.

7. Libra

On a first date, don't show your intensity. Be cheerful and fun. Maintain a cool exterior.

8. Scorpio

Plan something adventurous to bring out your best. Your first date will hinge on honesty. 

9. Sagittarius

Stop long-term planning. Tell them your first date plans without being judgmental.

10. Capricorn

Since you never follow the crowd, plan something unusual. Surprise them and connect emotionally.

11. Aquarius

You feel and imagine. Go somewhere with art and nature. Attend a performance or show to express yourself.

12. Pisces

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