Zodiac Sign-Based on Second Date

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They will be able maintain up with your quirky sense of humor throughout the whole courtship.

1. Aries

The first conversations to the first date, and beyond. They will be intelligent, witty, driven, and worldly.


Whenever there is uniformity. Someone who pursues you earns your undying gratitude.

2. Taurus

They'll be grounded, appreciate basic things, and often disengage from social media.


When interesting—extremely. If they intrigue you, you're in from the moment you see them to your late-night discussions. 

3. Gemini

Those with excellent flair and strong personalities will be seen again.


When they reassure you. Water signs want long-term solutions.

4. Cancer

If they have the ability to make you feel comfortable, you'll want to see them again.


The one that makes you feel special is the one you want to see again, regardless of their confidence or charisma.

5. Leo

You hate indecisive dates, so if someone shows potential, you'll start planning your next date.


If your date isn't polite, you'll bail. You think a relationship should start well.

6. Virgo

If they're trustworthy and authentic, you'll see them again.


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