Your Zodiac's Perfect Candle

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They are deep, creative, and healers. They're noted for their individuality.

1. Aquarius 

Pisces have huge hearts. They radiate love. Water signs are helpful and encouraging.

2. Pisces

Aries naturally lead. They are energetic and brave. Aries are free-thinking.

3. Aries

They're reliable, friendly, and patient. They're kind and generous.

4. Taurus 

Gemini are good at everything. They're funny and communicative. They are highly energetic and adaptable.

5. Gemini 

Cancers feel everything. They cherish emotions and think heart first. They care for their loved ones deeply. 

6. Cancer 

Leo's confidence could lead to world conquest. They are fierce leaders who assist their loved ones.

7. Leo

Virgos are trustworthy. They are realistic and detail-oriented. Their motives are always good.

8. Virgo 

They are sociable butterflies and laid-back Zodiac signs. They're social but laidback. 

9. Libra 

They're loud. Loved ones are their priority. Scorpios are loyal and honest. 

10. Scorpio 

They adore exploring and learning. Sagittarius are open and honest. 

11. Sagittarius 

Capricorns are materialistic. Practical and calculated. They prefer pragmatic decision-making over fantasy. 

12. Capricorn 

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