Your Zodiac Sign's Ideal Room Color

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 Aries naturally choose strong colors like orange for bedrooms.

1. Aries

Taurus loves romanticism and soft colors. A Taurus will admire a field of flowering flowers.

2. Taurus 

Geminis, like yellow, are energetic and charismatic. Geminis love chaos like painting a room bright.

3. Gemini 

Cancers are white because of their big hearts and willingness to console people.

4. Cancer

Leos are more likely to wear a warm hue that expresses their passion and originality than a color that would overpower them. 

5. Leo

Virgo likes practicality and a color that encourages contemplation and stability.

6. Virgo 

Libras exude refinement and harmony like the scales. Their love of beauty makes them the sign for art. 

7. Libra 

Scorpio is notoriously hard to grasp. They think about five steps ahead since their mystery invites unwanted attention.

8. Scorpio 

The intellectual Sagittarius is continually exploring. Their homes are full of souvenirs and memories. 

9. Sagittarius 

Capricorns value practicality and dedication. This earth sign achieves their aims with patience, devotion, and focus. 

10. Capricorn 

Aquariuses are unconventional and continually innovate. They love helping others and advocating positive change. 

11. Aquarius 

I love Pisces because of their empathy and intuition. Light green will calm them and bridge dream and reality. 

12. Pisces 

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