Your Zodiac Sign Matches Your Soulmate

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Stop phoning your ex when you're lonely and you'll discover your forever person.

1. Aries

You believe everyone will harm you as they did, but you need to let people in to find someone.

2. Taurus

Confidence will help you find your soulmate. Despite your indecisiveness, loving someone is usually a choice.

3. Gemini

You'll find your forever person when you understand they're probably not in your close circle. 

4. Cancer

When you stop needing attention, you'll meet your soulmate. Your eternal person will adore you and perhaps pamper you, but they won't meet all your needs.

5. Leo

When you truly believe in yourself, you'll find your forever person.

6. Virgo

Let go of the ones who have hurt your heart and be open to discovering the perfect person.

7. Libra

When you realize that not everyone is honest or can bear the truth as you can, you'll find your forever person.

8. Scorpio

When you prove you'll be there when you need them, you'll find your everlasting person.

9. Sagittarius

Stop anticipating the worst to find your forever person. No one will harm you like your ex.

10. Capricorn

Accepting that you may be wrong and disagreed with can help you locate your forever person. 

11. Aquarius

Stop loving the undeserving and you'll find your forever person.

12. Pisces

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