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Your Dream Man Based on Your Zodiac Sign


You must choose a man who questions everything in life and who is obviously intelligent.


You're the type of lady who wants to settle down young but isn't willing to settle for just any kind of love.


You must find a partner who appreciates your confidence and sense of adventure.


You look for someone who enjoys the same activities as you, who values their friends and family.


You require a person who is passionate and enthralling and who knows how to give you butterflies.


You require a man who comprehends feelings and knows how to make you feel terrific in any circumstance.


You need a partner who is self-aware, moderate, and intellectually on par with you.


You need a man who is nice and calm, someone who can slowly and deliberately break through your defenses.


You require a partner who not only appreciates your caring and kind nature, but also desires a long-term commitment.


You need a partner who falls in love as hard as you do but can wait before making it official.


You need a partner who enjoys laughter and wants to share it with you. Someone who is entertaining.


You look for someone who is truly worth it since you do not allow just anyone to penetrate your defenses.

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