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Xi Jinping has been unanimously elected for a third presidential term

100% of the votes

About 3,000 delegates of the National People's Congress, NPR's "rubber stamp parliament," chose the Chinese leader unanimously.

China's Grand Poobah

According to NPR, China's presidency is mostly ceremonial, with authority in Xi's role as Chinese Communist Party's secretary general and military leader.

Five more years... or longer

President Xi Jinping extended his authority for five more years and could stay on longer, according to The Guardian.

Chinese democracy inaction

These meetings elect the party's general secretary and other high-ranking government officials.

No successor

The Economist said that Xi Jinping announced his third term and showed "little interest in succession planning" at the summit.

Surrounded by loyalists

The Chinese leader also nominated several close politicians to his "inner circle," The Guardian said. China's strongest guys.

Why was Hu escorted out?

Hu's removal was unexplained by China. Xinhua reported Hu's illness to the BBC.

Breaking with the tradition

Xi Jinping and Hu Jintao disagree on leadership and openness.

As Singapore Management University Professor Henry Gao told the New York Times, among the party, society, and online.

Different ideas from Xi

Gao stated, "Given how meticulously these meetings are rehearsed and organised,

the fact that they let this happen in front of everyone, in front of the media, is the most crucial thing." It's a public rebuke.

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