Which Types Of Men Your Zodiac Sign Attracts

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You're kind and charming, therefore you'll always like charming males. 

1. Aries

You like passionate, strong-minded males. However, you are stubborn and always insist on your point. 

2. Taurus

You enjoy adventure. Guys who can surprise you with exciting surprises make you fall in love.

3. Gemini

Though you don't admit it, you're drawn to emotionally stable people.

4. Cancer

They should be distinctive. Men who don't judge attention seekers.

5. Leo

They take your affection without returning it. Virgo, there's no shame in ending a harmful relationship.

6. Virgo

You admire daring, active men. It arouses you. Confidence and enthusiasm draw you in. 

7. Libra

You want a caring, practical, patient man. Someone should always be there. You're generous yet demanding.

8. Scorpio

You always like smart, open-minded guys. You want adventurers.

9. Sagittarius

You labor hard yet love deeply. Love is compassionate, faithful, and everything it should be.

10. Capricorn

You're unpredictable, therefore you want guys with strong opinions who won't back down. 

11. Aquarius

Consistent, helpful, and informed guys make you fall hard. You think they'll back your dreaminess.

12. Pisces

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