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Which Dinosaur Are You Based on Zodiac Sign

Aries: Troodon

Perfect Aries. Fast, smart, surprising. These little dinosaurs compensated for their flexibility and sharp senses.

Taurus: Velociraptor

Raptors can quickly take down prey with their sharp claws. Taurus, too, is misunderstood.

Gemini: Pterosaur

Pterosaurs, reptiles, fly rapidly. Due of their many phases, pterosaurs appear frequently in dinosaur movies.

Cancer: Torosaurus

Its thick skeleton slows this dinosaur. Its herbivorous diet makes it docile, although it will fight intruders.

Leo: Tyrannosaurus

T-rex is best for Lion. T-rex, a carnivorous and formidable predator, scares everyone.

Virgo: Coelophysis

Theropod dinosaur Coelophysis is slim. They play and hunt in the forest. Like Virgo, this person is smart, fast, and cunning.

Libra: Sauropod

Jurassic World fans will recall the island's long-necked dinosaur. This dinosaur, like Libra, is kind and rarely fights.

Scorpio: Iguanodon

Iguanodon, a herbivore with sharp claws, adapted well. The Scorpio Society has always been able to create its own "environment".

Sagittarius: Gallimimus

Gallimimus' fast-moving carnivorous dinosaur prey rarely escaped. Nonetheless, these non-aggressive species eat mostly plants.

Capricorn: Spinosaurus

Due to its weight, Spinosaurus was a slow hunter. They loiter, waiting for their prey. They are laid-back like Capricorns.

Aquarius: Giganotosaurus

This intelligent, aggressive dinosaur lived 97 million years ago. Giganotosaurus attacks rapidly, unlike T-rex, which waits.

Pisces: Ankylosaurus

Their upper bodies, called "living tanks," are bone-hard from head to tail. Ankylosaurus, like Pisces, attracts others.

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