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What Kind Of Introvert Are Zodiac Sign

1. Aries

Introverted adventurer. You hate being branded a introvert because you're not a damp blanket. 

2. Taurus

Independent introvert. You seem to need people less than others. You're independent and don't care what others say.

3. Gemini

Passionate introvert. You have hundreds of hobbies and haven't been bored in seven years.

4. Cancer

You love introverts. It's hard to love people yet crave alone time. You worry about upsetting others by withdrawing.

5. Leo

Selective introvert. You're great with people but hate being around them.

6. Virgo

Powerful introvert. You are a career montage. You're focused on your current life goal and won't let anyone get in your way.

7.  Libra

Charming introvert. You are the most social introvert and enjoy all your connections. 

8.  Scorpio

Fearless introvert. No conflict has ever defeated you. You're a tough introvert.

9.  Sagittarius

You're the introvert accomplice. Despite being an introvert, you always have close ties. Because you're a great partner.

10. Capricorn

Classy introvert. You're a strong-willed ancient soul. You know yourself well. 

11. Aquarius

Curious introvert. You never lost your childish awe and perceive the world as infinite. You're inquisitive.

12. Pisces

You're creatively introverted. You prefer to live in your own world, so being alone is natural for you. 

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