What Is the Dumbest Zodiac Sign

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Cancer makes snap decisions. They ignore all perspectives and miss the obvious.

1. Cancer

Self-centered Sagittarians make poor decisions. They prioritize themselves in decision-making.

2. Sagittarius

That smart-but-dumb person? Aries, likely. Aries might act smart or stupid.

3. Aries

Libras comprehend emotions. They are neither brilliant nor stupid. 

4. Libra

Selfish Leos. They may do stupid things to attract attention. They're natural leaders.

5. Leo

Overreacting surprises many. When stressed, Tauruses act irrationally.

6. Taurus

Pisces are imaginative, sensitive, and artistic. They're kind and selfless.

7. Pisces

Geminis think quickly. They assimilate information quickly and are knowledgeable when you talk to them.

8. Gemini

Scorpios are masterminds. No way. They anticipate and are perceptive.

9. Scorpio

Their introversion and frigid demeanor hide their intelligence.

10. Capricorn

Virgos can fix anything. They find or make answers. Avoid Virgo fights to avoid destruction.

11. Virgo

Analyzing everything makes Aquarius the smartest zodiac sign.

12. Aquarius

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