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What Astrology Says About Your Relationship

1. Keen Astrologer

Astrology can reveal love, marriage, and obstacles to success.

Love and relationships have blind spots for everyone. 

Thus, our dating and relationship habits must be changed to have a happy relationship.

 we may need to identify a personal blind spot before we can find a good match.

Astrology is great for identifying blind spots. It also reveals relational blind spots. 

Clarity can free us from years of misery and suffering. With this knowledge, we can find a better mate.

Most people neglect, project, or are unaware of their partnership-related personality and psychological processes. 

Projecting our own desires onto our partners is a relationship-damaging blind spot.

Neptune, especially with the Moon, Venus, and Saturn, is associated with blind spots.

Neptune represents illusion, delusion, and confusion, including self-deception. 

Gambling and extramarital encounters caused family unhappiness. 

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