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What Aries Season Will Teach You

Aries is the hard worker who plants seeds, tends to them,

and watches them grow into the first flowers of spring.

The Emperor teaches us that strength is the sum of having a plan, 

facing and overcoming any resistance to that plan, and seeing it through to completion. 

When Aries sets its mind to something, it is not afraid to use destructive means to achieve its goal. 

we imagine the Earth as a sentient entity whose goal it is to recover from the impacts of winter by turning green and lush. 

The tobacco used to make cigarettes is destroyed in a climate so arid that it can only be transformed by fire, 

and the same position used to create life is used to destroy it. 

Keeping our focus on our unique goals and being aware of the variety of opportunities at our disposal is crucial right now. 

This might lead to postponement and tense exchanges in communication.

 One of the finest ways to establish a more balanced temper is to channel your anger toward something useful. 

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