Unconventional Way Each Zodiac Sign

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If they're truly interested in you, they may even label you an idiot.

1. Aries 

They may not lavish you with compliments frequently, but when they do, you can be sure they mean it.

2. Taurus 

Geminis are naturally flirtatious and will make no effort to hide their feelings from you. 

3. Gemini 

They believe in the sanctity of the written word and the beauty of fresh cut flowers.

4. Cancer

Since Leos are also possessive and want to be the centre of your universe.

5. Leo

As perfectionists, Virgos like you even if they make mistakes or act silly around you. 

6. Virgo 

The Libra in your life will behave like your best friend, offering to pick you up.

7.  Libra 

you can rest assured that they are genuinely interested in learning more about you.

8. Scorpio

Sagittarians are demonstrative, so expect them to physically express their interest.

9. Sagittarius

Capricorns are obstinate and refuse to listen to anybody, but they are individuals and persistent

10. Capricorn

When they like you, they find motivation to show it through thoughtful gestures like presents, words, and even spontaneous travels.

11. Aquarius 

Pisceans are deeply emotional people who aren't scared to show their feelings.

12. Pisces 

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