Top 10 America's Smartest Dogs

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Bearded collie

Bearded collies are popular dogs, yet they enjoy working. Many farm dogs are still herders.

Gordon setter

The Gordon setter is the largest and smartest. Gordon setters have great memories and become better hunters with age.

Field spaniel

Field spaniels are fast learners, but they don't like to be pushed during training. To satisfy your field spaniel, feed its retriever inclinations.


One of the oldest breeds, Samoyeds are wolf ancestors.

Manchester terrier

Manchester terriers, former rabbit and rat hunters, love to chase. Despite their size, they're good watchdogs.

Yorkshire terrier

Yorkshire terriers are "tomboy toys" despite their daintiness. Yorkies are confident and ready for anything.


Pomeranians have savvy owners too. Queen Victoria and Teddy Roosevelt liked the breed.

Cocker spaniel

Due to their sweetness, cocker spaniels are poor guard dogs.

Pembroke Welsh corgi

This breed's colourful tale and smarts make it popular.


This high-energy breed hunted rats with cleverness. Today, puzzles and agility training satisfy their curiosity.

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