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Tips To Attract A Leo Man

Surprisingly, the younger Leo male will be particularly attracted to "ordinary" girls, or more precisely, those who come from low origins.

Yet, his exceptional girl must demonstrate something that distinguishes her from the rest of the crowd.

Saturn and Uranus can be in any sign in a natal chart, but they will highlight how issues begin

And can be addressed for Saturn and what is unexpected, refreshing, or startling for Uranus.

So, he will fall for someone who passionately advocates for human or animal rights, ecology, or similar causes.

If this person achieves outstanding science or technology results, he will consider them special.

The person he seeks will glow easily with their inner fire, expose their light, and be from the "ordinary" or regular people, which will only add value to their life goal.

Young Leo boys may go for a gamer lady with blue and green hair, whereas older Leos may fall for a youthful political figure.

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