These Zodiac Signs Are The Best Dads

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When compared to the other zodiac signs, Taureans are the greatest at raising children.

1. Taurus daddies

In their natural state, this sign is peaceful and protective, and they would do everything for their offspring.

Cancerians place a high value on family. They lavish their children with hugs and kisses and seem to spend all day doing it. 

2. Cancer daddies

The sensitive character of those born under this sign allows them to instinctively sense when their children need them.

Men of the Libra sign tend to strike a nice middle ground as fathers. 

3. Libra daddies

They are not the solitary sort and thrive when accompanied by their own offspring. 

These solar natives hold their children to an extremely high standard and will stop at nothing to ensure their success. 

4. Leo daddies

Leos are excellent parents because they have a nice heart and are highly organized.

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