The Zodiac Sign Least Likely to Tie the Knot

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Virgos are your greatest option. Virgos are romantic, but they are picky about who they let in.


They're receptive to others' opinions yet less communicative.

Aries, like other fire signs, are passionate and appreciate large shows of adoration. If underappreciated, they may be jealous.


Scorpios only open up when they're comfortable with their relationship. Ash claims Scorpios struggle to find the perfect partner. 


Hook-up culture might complicate matters for Scorpios.

Geminis, or "quick-witted twins," are continuously moving and absorbing.


They appreciate the potential to learn and find new, fascinating things by dating many different people.

Aquarians, the second least likely to get married, are cheerful but hard to commit to.


Their yearning for freedom and stubbornness make it challenging to hold their attention.

Sagittarians are "intense flirts" and the least likely to marry on our list due to their roving spirit and fire sign energy.


Aquarius, the visionary, is repulsed by marriage's outdated standard.

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