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The Zodiac Sign Hairstyle You Should Try

Aries : Classic Pixie

Aries can rock any hairdo. You're not afraid to take bigger chances in life—including extreme hair changes.

Taurus: French Bob

Taurus, you appreciate classics and want a new look that matches your basic, elegant approach. 

Gemini : Fresh Blowout

Your outgoing, charismatic, and always-on-the-go personality requires a hairdo that matches.

Cancer : Romantic Waves

Passionate waves offer you a leading lady look. This relaxed Old Hollywood style suits your personality. 

Leo:  Supermodel Hair

These bouncy, lush hair will make you feel like the star with their drama.

Virgo : The Collarbone Cut

Virgos are careful and hardworking. You're sensible with your hair and don't experiment. 

Libra : Sweet and Wispy Fringe

Libra, you're active, flirty, and social. Venus, the planet of beauty, rules your taste and attention to detail. 

Scorpio: Pop of Color

Scorpios have a fiery style. You can wear any hairdo because you're known for your adaptability. 

Sagittarius: Modern Mullet

For your nomadic lifestyle, this trendy shag cut is easy to style on-the-go.

Capricorn: Long Retro Waves

Capricorns because it can be styled for the boardroom or a night out with friends.

Aquarius : Edgy Undercut

Aquarius, you're a rebel. You enjoy defying convention.

Pisces: Shaggy Shoulder Cut

Pisces rarely change their appearance, but when they do, it's dramatic.

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