The Whiniest Zodiac Sign

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Cancers struggle with confidence and assertiveness.

1. Cancer

People who are unwilling to confront an offender will instead complain to others behind their backs. 


Pisces are notorious for absorbing the emotions of others around them. 

2. Pisces

So if they hang out with a complainer, they will join in.


 Taureans have a reputation for being impervious to harm,

3. Taurus

They are actually more sensitive than you may think.


These well-rounded individuals are recognized for their impeccable style,

4. Libra

 They employ the most passive-aggressive behavior of any zodiac sign in order to maintain their polished image. 


Aquarians have a tendency to get mired in their own thoughts.

5. Aquarius

 But that isn't to say they won't emerge from it, in word and deed, to voice their displeasure.


Sagittarians like to think of themselves as fascinating adventurers rather than nasty grouchy people.

6. Sagittarius

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