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The Stingiest Zodiac Signs


Tauruses are loyal, although they can be stingy with money. They are thrifty and always look for the greatest deal.

Taurus is realistic and won't waste their money. They provide time and money to loved ones.


Leos crave attention and boasting. They are generous with money but stingy with resources.

Leos are frugal because they appreciate luxury. They can also benefit loved ones.


Capricorn is dependable. They are disciplined with money and hardworking.

Instead of making hasty purchases, they save up for something special and get the best deal. Capricorns are frugal but not cheap.


Virgos are smart with their money, taking time to contemplate big purchases.

They can prioritize and are willing to sacrifice for the greater good.


Geminis are smart yet frugal. People prefer experiences over things, yet they still save.

Geminis are stingy and want the most for their money. 

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