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Sometimes INFJs' sensitivity is a positive thing. 

1. Sensitive

They are compassionate and empathic, yet others may find this off-putting.


They are sensitive to others' moods and easily offended.


If you want an INFJ to open, good luck. They'll never open up.

2.  Secretive 

It's safe to conclude that perhaps the INFJ has 15 phone passwords.


A hidden account on social media, and hides their genuine nature. 


When trying to finish a task quickly, INFJs' perfectionist inclinations are especially bothersome.

3. Perfectionist

 If they don't do something perfectly, even a simple activity like cooking or cleaning.


Their perfectionism and strong sensitivity make them volatile if they fail.


INFJs are passionate about their cause, which can lead to obsession. 

4. Self-righteous

They're always attempting to set off a revolution, which is admirable but irritates people.


They'll perform the task properly, but they'll do it on our conditions.

5.  Jaded

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