The Neediest Zodiac Sign

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Cancer, like Taurus, needs routine and consistency in order to feel safe. 

1. Cancer

The Cancerian zodiac sign is the nurturer, and as such, finds great joy in caring for others.


Librans are prone to passionate love relationships because Venus, which is the planet of love, rules their sign.

2. Libra

Most Libras have a morbid fear of spending time alone.


Pisces is a delicate water sign that often gets lost in thought or their work.

3. Pisces

They are always on the lookout for the perfect ending to the romance they've probably already written in their heads. 


The gregarious Leo is another example of an independent sign.

4. Leo

However, the excitement of the limelight often leads to dependence.


You may assume that Scorpios like to be alone because of their reputation for intensity and mystery.

5. Scorpio

when they focus all of their energy and emotion on someone else, that tough exterior quickly disintegrates.


Taurus has a difficult time adapting to new situations and prefers the status quo.

6. Taurus

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