The Most Understanding Zodiac Sign

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A Pisces can not only understand your feelings, but they can also experience them deeply. 

1. Pisces

They are the most compassionate and sympathetic of all zodiac signs.


They are one of most empathetic signs because of their desire for peace and quiet.

2. Libra

A Libra should be contacted if a mediator is required.


Cancer has such strong emotional intelligence that they can empathize with everyone. 

3. Cancer

They look tough on the outside, yet their hearts are full of kindness. 


Sagittarians are known for their maturity and insight. 

4. Sagittarius

 So it's not surprising that they can aid others in any circumstance.


People with the Leo personality type really ooze self-assurance. 

5. Leo

These fire signs have a natural tendency to look out for the safety of others around them and are sensitive.


They take great pride in their analytical reasoning skills and their capacity to find workable answers to complex problems.

6. Aquarius

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