The Most Negative Zodiac Sign

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They are another highly emotional water sign, like Cancer and Pisces.

1. Scorpio

 They, like Capricorn, suppress their feelings. Because of their sensitive nature.


Capricorn is the zodiac's hard worker since it is the planet of organization and order. 

2. Capricorn

hese people may come across as cynical, unyielding, and emotionless.


It's common knowledge that Cancer is the most sentimental sign of the zodiac. 

3. Cancer

They have extremely strong empathy and a nurturing nature .


Taurus, has a hard time dealing with uncertainty. 

4. Virgo

Virgos crave order, framework, and structure, and though innovation can improve such systems.


Pisces might be the zodiac's hopeless romantic, but their clouded judgment and inclination to exaggerate problems .

5. Pisces

 They are generally optimistic and look at things from a positive perspective.


Taureans are more likely to be optimistic than pessimistic.

6. Taurus

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